DeboraJane 230809

Let me explain:

I am not a gourmet, and my poor housemates at university who once ate blue cabbage and frozen pork chops will agree: I am not always a great cook. Despite living in the same city as celebrity chefs and food critics, I just muddle along pretty averagely I suppose.

But I have always enjoyed cooking and eating.

Growing up, I’d occasionally boss my mum out of the kitchen and blend strange soups, cakes that went flat in the middle, and tofu stir-frys for my protein-shaking rugbyplaying brother. I had my vegetarian phase (boy-related and unsuccessful) and my secret teenage eating ‘problems’.

University was fairly uneventful food-wise, apart from some exotic meals travelling in the Far East, and the blue cabbage incident. But since leaving university and moving to the ‘Great Oven’ of London, and especially since moving into my little flat in Hackney with Paul, I’ve really started to love food.

I’ve stopped buying ready meals and started reading food blogs. I’ve been dazed and delighted by the cheapskate cafés on our doorstep. I plan meals. I dash from Vietnamese to Turkish with barely time for digestion.

In East London there are markets every weekend, and I cycle pass Smithfield butchers on the way to work. There are fancy establishments I never dreamed I would visit and more, more, more. Second helpings until I burst.

DeboraJane is a record of my culinary adventures. It is my way of pickling experience, or preserving things. Like making jam or salting mackerels.  (Not things I have tried yet.)

Mostly set in an ex-council flat in East London, the main characters will be two twentysomething graduates: we are poor, hardworking, and hungry. I hope our friends and family, and maybe more people too, will enjoy reading about what we get up to.

Bon appetite!